Kids Doted Beach Dress
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China Kids Beach Dress Manufacturer Company Supplies Kids Doted Beach Dress, Navy Fabric, Twist Strap, UV-Blocking, Bacteria-Resistance, Good Color Fastness.

Kids Striped Swimming Dress
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China Kids Swimming Dress Manufacturer Company Supplies Kids Striped Swimming Dress, Blue Bowknot, 82% Nylon, 18% Elastane, UV-Blocking, Bacteria-Resistance.

Toddler Baby Blue Buoyancy Suit
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China Toddler Buoyancy Suit Manufacturer Company Supplies Toddler Baby Blue Buoyancy Suit, Apple & Sunflower Printing, Soft and Resistant Stretch Nylon.

Kids Mickey Mouse Floating Suit
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China Kids Floating Suit Manufacturer Company Supplies Kids Mickey Mouse Floating Suit, Lemon Yellow Flounce, Fast Drying, Water Resistance, Good Color Fastness.

Kids Lightweight Natural Hat
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China Kids Natural Hat Swimwear Manufacturer Company Produces Kids Lightweight Natural Hat, Star Print, Minium Order 1000 Pieces, Wind Repellent, OEM.

Infants Navy Stripe Floating Swimwear
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China Infants Navy Stripe Floating Swimwear Manufacturer Company Supplies Infants Navy Stripe Floating Swimwear, Adjustable Float, Soft and Resistant Stretch Nylon.

Concise Saudi Swimsuit
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China Saudi Swimsuit Manufacturer Company Produces Concise Saudi Swimsuit, Red and Black Style, Fast Drying, 82% Nylon, 18% Elastane, Water Resistant.

Kids Multipattern Skullcap
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China Kids Skullcap Enviormental Skullcap Manufacturer Company Makes Kids Multipattern Skullcap, Knot, 100% Cotton, Good Color Fastness, Minimum Order 1000 Pieces

Kids Powderblue One Piece Skirtini
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China Kids One Piece Skirtini Manufacturer Company Supplies Kids Powderblue One Piece Skirtini, Racing Material, Water Resistance, 82% Nylon, 18% Elastane.